Welcome to Wadhurst Runners

Wadhurst Runners is a small, friendly running club, formed in 1999 to cater for the needs of local runners. We welcome as members those who wish to run competitively – as well as those who wish simply to maintain a level of fitness. From small beginnings the club has grown to just over 70 members – enough to ensure that runners of all standards and both sexes are well represented.

Many of our runners have their own personal targets. Some simply want to maintain a basic level of fitness, others are looking to complete their first race or improve their personal best in a range of events such as the London Marathon. Some of our more experienced runners look to run in the friendly, but competitive, Sussex Grand Prix series of races. In addition, of course, members also enjoy and benefit from the camaraderie of running with others on our weekly training runs.

Our size qualifies the club to receive two guaranteed places at the Virgin London Marathon, subject the VLM rules. This is much coveted and any places received is eagerly presented to the lucky winners of a club ballot.

The Club is represented in the Sussex Grand Prix Series of races, covering distances from 5 kilometers up to 20 miles. The club has participated with distinction in the series and we have a proud record of achievement usually finishing well in the year end league table.

The Waddies, as we are called, beat the odds and were the Sussex Grand Prix Champions in the 2016, 2013 and 2012 seasons. In 2011 we achieved 2nd and in 2017 we finished a creditable 3rd overall. These are amazing results for such a relatively small club, due to the enthusiasm and dedication of those who like to compete.

For more information on Wadhurst Runners please email us.