The Club Championships

The Waddies club championship is for the best accumulated times over a 10K, 10 mile and half marathon. The “named” cups honour the Founding members who each provided the cups.

The Kevin Parkinson Founding Cup
Is awarded to the male Senior winner

The Tony Sorrell Male Vet Cup
Is awarded to the male Vet winner

The Di Scott Senior Ladies Cup
Is awarded to the female Senior winner

The Sara Wrenn Veteran Ladies Cup
Is awarded to the female Vet winner

The Road Runners Championship

These are awarded to the male and lady Waddies who are highest in the SGP rankings:

Male Senior Winner

Male Vet Winner

Female Senior Winner

Female Vet Winner

The Marathon Cups

The Albert Kemp Marathon Cup
Awarded to the fastest man in a legitimate Marathon, anywhere in the World.

The Wadhurst Runners Ladies Marathon Cup
Awarded to the fastest lady in a legitimate Marathon, anywhere in the World.

The Robin Heale Most Improved Runners:

Most Improved Male

Most Improved Female

The Roger Smith Standards Cup

The standards are those which the Road Runners Club set out. This is a good way to assess who are the top achievers in the club, who may not be the fast younger persons as the standards are based on distance, time and age.

The older a person the lower the standard, which are loosely based on the equivalent age World record for the distances 5K, 5 mile, 10K, 10 Miles, ½ Marathon, 15 miles, 20 miles, Marathon and Ultra distances.

The points are awarded depending on the standard achieved i.e.

4 points for 1st (highest category ) band of times
3 points for 2nd band of times
2 points for 3rd band of times
1 point for 4th band of times.

Download The Road Runners Club grading.

The Handicup Cups

Awarded to both Men and Ladies with the lowest number of points earned over two handicap races. For each race the finishers are allocated a point for every descending place i.e. 1 point for winning the fun race, 2 points for second etc.

In July and December of every year the Club Handicap Races take place. Both races are about 5 miles in length. The July race run partly off road on the banks of Bewl Reservoir and the December race on minor roads on the western fringes of Wadhurst.

Start times are a staggered handicap with the slower runners starting before the quicker runners and the races are often won by the slower runners with the fast runners in hot pursuit! C ups are awarded to the top scoring male and female finishers of the Summer and Winter races combined to:-

The Men’s Handicap Champion

The Ladies Handicap Champion

The Junior Champions

Cups are awarded to the best top three boys and girls who perform well in junior races:

Junior Male Champion

Junior Female Champion

The Second Claim Cup

The second claim cups are awarded to the most consistent Male or Female who are 2nd claim club members running under the Wadhurst Runners colours.

This does not affect their performances or rights whenever their 1st claim club wishes our 2nd claim member to run a race for the 1st claim club.